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Bluwan is a wireless network solutions provider that helps ISPs/Operators provide next generation network services to enterprises that typically require fibre equivalent speeds.

Bluwan’s carrier grade multi-gigabit wireless transmission technology allows service providers to increase the throughput and capacity of existing networks. Operating in the 42 GHz spectrum bands, Bluwan’s technology is deployed primarily for enterprise access, residential multiple dwelling unit superfast broadband, as well as Carrier Wifi or TD-LTE small cell backhaul. Offering fibre-like speeds and capacity, our compact radio antennas allow service providers to deploy next generation services at a fraction of the cost of deploying optical fibre, whether to individual cell sites or to customer premises. Bluwan’s solutions are the culmination of several years of R&D performed in collaboration with the Thales Group in the defence and aerospace markets.

Management team



  • Responsible technology
  • Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault
  • Founders and top management
  • Thalès Ventures